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  • 📌Please pardon our flooding

    Please bear with me as I work to get this website up and running. Currently, the West Branch Delaware River and Chemung River guides are complete; the East Branch Delaware River and Tioughnioga River guides are in progress. Pine Creek and the lower Delaware River will be next. The About and Resources pages are also […] more

  • How I plan tidal river trips, or, Woodland Beach to Woodland Beach

    I’ve just returned from three days on the tidal Delaware, a passage from Delaware City to Woodland Beach (well… sort of, as we will see) staged at Wilmington. I had been planning a post about , using the third day as an example. It turned out to be a rather bad example, BLAH. Check tide […] more

  • High water on the upper Delaware

    That there is water overtopping the Downsville Dam spillway. If I’m reading it correctly, the reservoir has been periodically spilling for several days now, its height steady at capacity as spill balances inflow. Today’s heavy rainfall over the upper watershed has pushed Pepacton a foot above capacity, resulting in the observed increase in spill volume. […] more

  • Tuesday, 4th August 2020

    I awoke to bright sunshine and the Delaware Water Gap church bells striking six. An hour and a half prior, I’d drifted into an uneasy nap with the numbers from the latest upper Delaware forecasts tumbling around in my head. They had been revised upward, and the middle Delaware forecasts had followed while I slept. […] more