I’ve just returned from three days on the tidal Delaware, a passage from Delaware City to Woodland Beach (well… sort of, as we will see) staged at Wilmington. I had been planning a post about , using the third day as an example. It turned out to be a rather bad example, BLAH.

Check tide and current forecasts


Theory, practise, and better theory

Armed with BLAH, I confidently set up the Lackawanna on the Woodland Beach ramp. On shore, the wind was already quite brisk, and I had to BLAH to prevent it from being carried away by a gust. BLAH. Somewhat more concerning was the wind direction: instead of the forecasted south-southwesterly winds early, it was west-southwesterly. That meant I would not have any tailwind component, and in fact, BLAH. This was far from ideal, but